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Full Service Internet agency

Full Service Internet agency

Full Service Internet Agency

Accent Interactive is a Full Service Internet Agency in Alphen aan den Rijn. We
are specialized in creating user-friendly websites and webshops. We develop
and design successful and custom websites, webshops and applications.

What is that actually?

With an all-in web agency, you have everything in one spot. Quite handy, really.The lines are short. The specialists work closely together and discuss regularly. We have specialists in the fields of e-commerce, (Wordpress) websites, web applications, editorial systems, online strategyonline marketing and technical SEO. As online agency, we work towards your ultimate goal. Our team is fully attuned to one another which leads to the most beautiful and successful projects.

Effective website and webshops

Anyone can build a website, right? You can find all you need on the internet, to understand the theory. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having a professional website built for your company requires knowledge about design, engineering, responsiveness, behavior, security and user experience. We have all this knowledge grouped together under one roof.

Effectively achieving results with your website is of paramount importance to us. Based on your requirements and wishes, we offer you a complete solution. Your needs are taken into the objective, the functionality, the design, engineering and content. We use the newest technology for the design process. We build websites based on a content management system or open source, we use
WordPress for this.

An effective website works, achieves the predefined goals and ensures you’re an increase in revenue.


Since 2005, we’ve been building user-friendly and technical high-quality custom web applications. An application is specially designed and developed for you. It contains only the features you use and does precisely what you require of the application. Your users are core to this.

We don’t like surprises when it comes to applications. That’s why we first create a functional design to give you insights into the functionality, the complexity and the operational part. This way, you know exactly what we are creating, and our developers have a good basis which they can work with. Accent Interactive has a passion for online customization. We achieve ultimate gratification by realizing an online tool which meets your specific requirements.

Online success

Would you like to outsource the search engine optimization to a professional web agency? You can take on Accent Interactive to do this as a specialist for your website or webshop! In order to reach your target audience and achieve your goals, we will work out an online strategy. To do so, we use the journey of your potential customers as starting point. We optimize several parts of your website to make it appear higher in the Google rankings. You will receive a monthly report from our agency, containing the progress of your website or webshop, as well as the keyword positions in Google. We have one passion, and that is to make your website successful.

Why Accent Interactive?

There are enough web agencies and advertising agencies to choose from. How do we make a difference? Our flexible team, together with our customers, make companies and ideas successful online, out of our office in Alphen aan den Rijn. We think along with the strategy and ensure that your website optimally matches your company and current communication. Doing this, we always focus on quality, with a sharp eye for detail and workmanship. We want to share our knowledge with you.

You are the expert of your specialism, and we are experts when it comes to strategy, engineering and creation. We professionally translate your vision and ideas into a website or webshop.

  •  Website which matches the online strategy
  •  UX and UI specialist
  •  Short lines of communication
  •  Personal and direct contact
  •  Functionality adapted to the goal
  •  Achievement of online objectives

Do you have any questions, or would you like to meet?

Accent Interactive proudly works with several national and international clients. We translate ideas and challenges into an end product. An end product in which the user experience is central

Tell us more about your project or send a comment, we would love to hear it! Have we gained your interest? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Call us at +172 – 603 130 or email us at info@accentinteractive.nl.