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Effortless digital enrollment of students in Secondary Education


Parents easily enroll students online for Vitus College and Montessori Lyceum Gooise Meren schools using the SaaS web application


SaaS webapplication


Stichting Volant



Automating and Streamlining Student Enrollment

With SlimInschrijven, Volant was able to digitally and automatically register hundreds of enrollments in just a few days, from open house events to entries in Magister. All registrations were done online and are legally binding.

About Stichting Volant

Stichting Volant represents four secondary schools in Gooise Meren. Parents can easily enroll their children online and entirely digitally for Vitus College and Montessori Lyceum Gooise Meren using our web application, simplifies the enrollment process. Parents can sign the registration forms legally online. The convenient export feature to Magister reduces administrative work significantly, ensuring complete and accurate information without the need for manual data entry. Less manual work, fewer errors, and more time for other tasks. It benefits both parents and the school alike.

// The Challenge

Simplify the enrollment proces for students and save costs

Vitus College and Montessori Lyceum Gooise Meren receive hundreds of enrollments each year. While this is fantastic, it also poses an administrative challenge.

Checking and transferring the enrollments to Magister takes a significant amount of time. No matter how careful you are, errors always occur during the data transfer process.

For parents, registering their children is also not an easy task. They have to fill out lengthy forms and often submit them physically. Additionally, parents must jointly sign the forms, even in cases of divorce or when one parent resides abroad.

We believed there had to be a better way.

Digitaal inschrijven leerlingen
// The solution

Implementing our web application, SlimInschrijven

With our SaaS platform, SlimInschrijven, hundreds of parents enrolled their children for Volant schools within six days. They signed the registration online, and Volant was able to easily import the enrolled students into Magister. This resulted in significant savings, a user-friendly procedure for parents, and no more errors when transferring data to Magister. In summary, it’s a true win-win situation.


Online leerlingen inschrijven voor basisschool of voortgezet onderwijs
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Do you also want to save costs and make enrollment easy for your school?

Our chief nerd, Joost, would be delighted to inform you about the possibilities of SlimInschrijven without any obligation. You can reach him by emailing or schedule an online meeting directly.

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