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// Laravel custom web application

SchoolTV quiz application and classroom quiz

About the project

With the classroom quiz students can play the popular Schooltv quizzes with the whole class!


Laravel custom web application


Schooltv (NTR – Dutch public broadcasting company)


Education, public broadcasting

Custom Laravel quiz platform for Schooltv

School TV, all Dutch students grew up with it. Schooltv is part of Dutch public broadcaster NTR. On you will find all educational videos from Schooltv, Klokhuis and other NTR gems. has been one of the most successful portals of the public broadcaster for years – and it still is.

We developed a custom quiz application for, based on our AccentPlatform. The platform is designed by us and developed by our in-house Laravel specialists. has already created a multitude of quizzes on this platform. They allow students to test themselves on a variety of topics. The videos are enriched with images and videos. Don’t know the answer? You can always peek and watch the video again. Choose a quiz, find out how much you know and share your score with your friends!


// The challenge

Quizzes can be played with the whole class

Schooltv asked us whether it would be possible to play a quiz with the whole class, thus enabling teachers to use the popular Schooltv quizzes as a diagnostic tool. Challenge: it needed to be a tool that is also fun for pupils and students.

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// The solution

Adding a classroom quiz to the platform

Our team went to work enthusiastically, and we are proud of the result. Education is already complicated enough, and teachers are very busy. So our goal was to create a simple and fool proof way to play quizzes with the whole classroom.

The result: a simple yet safe way to play a quiz with the whole class: the classroom quiz.

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So, how does it work? The teacher creates a class quiz and starts it on the whiteboard. Pupils and students watch along on the whiteboard and answer with their mobile phone, iPad, or computer. The answers are explained, at the end of the quiz a complete overview of all answers will be shown and how the class scored as a whole.

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A good moment for the teacher to explain questions that scored lower and excellently suited as a diagnostic tool.

As a cherry on top, Schooltv has educational videos of a few minutes for many questions, which clearly illustrate the answer. If you want, you can also play the quiz with friends, without a teacher!

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