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NTR Kiespijn

NTR Kiespijn is a political panel quiz on NPO3 between team left and team right, featuring guests such as Jort Kelder, Mona Keijzer, Henk Krol, and Sander Lantinga.

For every floating voter who has wondered in recent years who to support, we developed a weekly, handy voting guide on behalf of Kiespijn. In just a few minutes, you’ll know whether you belong to Team Left, Team Right, or the Reasonable Middle.
The television program Kiespijn of public broadcaster NTR wanted to develop a voting guide that would allow viewers to think about their political preferences in a low-threshold and fun way.

//The challenge

A fun and accessible way to measure your political preference.

The television program Kiespijn from the public broadcaster NTR wanted to develop a voting guide that allows viewers to think about their political preferences in an accessible and enjoyable way.

Requirements: think creatively about an efficient customized solution, user-friendly yet flexible. And whether we could develop this within a healthy ambitious deadline. We didn’t need to be asked twice.

//The solution

An intuitive self-assessment quiz based on our SaaS quiz platform.

We developed a new game format on our SaaS quiz platform. This platform is already used by NTR for the successful portal schooltv.nl and now also for NPO3.

The game format adds a ‘test yourself’ type of quiz to the existing quiz types in this web application. In this game format, there are no right or wrong answers, but the questions provide insight into how you think about certain matters. It is highly suitable for a quiz to test your ecological footprint, discover what kind of partner you are, or, in this case, serve as a voting guide.

By creatively supplementing the existing capabilities, we were able to quickly provide NTR with a beautiful voting guide for an engaging political game show with substance.

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