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// Custom website

Custom websites for a insurance agency

About the project

Design and development of a custom website for VMD Koster and Pensioen.com


Custom website


VMD Koster and Pensioen.com


Insurance broker

We have developed new corporate websites for VMD Koster and Pensioen.com.

Custom websites are an integral part of VMD Koster’s tailored solutions. That’s why we have created a series of websites using our high-performance Accentcms.

About VMD Koster:

VMD Koster aims to ensure that customers are well-insured and protected, so they won’t face financial setbacks in the event of a claim. The goal is to make customers aware of the risks they face and work together to find manageable solutions. This may involve obtaining appropriate insurance coverage. When a customer takes out insurance, VMD Koster ensures that it remains suitable both now and in the future, thus preventing unpleasant surprises.


In 2018, VMD Koster acquired the website Pensioen.com. While the website was already receiving good visibility, it was not effectively reaching the target audience of companies seeking pension advice. The website also lacked a conversion-focused design. Therefore, Accent Interactive and VMD Koster collaborated to improve the website’s structure and provide clear page layouts. The result has been an increase in relevant visitors and multiple new appointments with companies regarding their collective pension schemes on a monthly basis.

// The challenge

Insurance is a people-oriented business

Insurance is a complex business. The portfolio of a leading insurance broker like VMD Koster is vast and diverse. Capturing the right information about the portfolio is essential. At the same time, insurance is a people-oriented business. It involves interacting with people who understand you and provide personalized guidance. Bringing these aspects together into one coherent and user-friendly system is an exciting challenge.

// The solution

Technically sound with a human touch

The Accentcms platform provides extensive capabilities for content linking, allowing the VMD Koster team to display the right information in context on the company website.

This includes:

  • Connecting relevant insurance experts to specific products.
  • Displaying frequently asked questions related to specific topics.
  • Linking relevant services to knowledge articles.
  • Including call-to-action prompts within services.

This ensures that visitors to the website have access to relevant information, expertise, and services, enhancing their overall experience and facilitating their decision-making process.

www.vmdkoster.nl | www.pensioen.com

VMD Koster company website ontwikkeld door full service internet bureau Accent Interactive

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